About Us - CyrenAnime.com

The Cyren Anime store in Florida started out with just a few figurines as part of a personal collection. 

When the number of figures grew too large, it was time to make a hard decision and select some of the favorite ones to let them go. Early on we only traded the anime figurines for other ones, but the collection was still growing. As time went on, we've sold some of them which made room to get more of the newly released anime figures.

Soon it became clear that our passion for the various anime figures will outgrow all the Detolf cabinets we've had and so was  CyrenAnime.com born.

We're proud to offer only 100% authentic anime related items in our store. We're getting our merchandise directly from Japan and shipping them to you from our Florida location. All of our figures and items are high quality, obtained from official distributors. We’re looking to carry all of the famous companies such as Furyu, Megahouse, Banpresto, Good Smile Company, Alter, Kotobukiya, Max Factory, Griffon Enterprises.

We’re mainly focusing on rare collectibles and figures while still adding many of the fresh releases. We know how hard it is to find something that is no longer available at any of the big online stores and just wait for a re-release which might or might not happen. For this reason we try to bring back the older items and provide a place where you can find what you’re looking for and get help if a figure is no longer widely available.

Additionally we're offering kawaii plushies from Japan too. These adorable Amuse plushies are always big favorites and started to become popular for no apparent reason other than just being cute and cuddly.

Our main goal is to offer you the best service we can with great customer care, low shipping costs, discount promotions and taking special customer requests.

In the past couple of years we'been taking our store on the road too. We're frequently attending Conventions in Florida as Anime Vendors. Selling our items at Conventions brings us closer to our customers as we have a chance meeting them face to face. It is always fun to meet "the regulars" and to have an opportunity to talk about which Anime Series is everybody's watching at the time. See our Convention Schedule, and if you have time, say hello to us at the next Con! 

Thank you for visiting our store! ^_^